The annual performance review for your health and wellness.

Measure What Matters

Assessment + Learning

Benchmark assesses key indicators of health and predictors of longevity.
We help you understand your results so that you can manage them. 

Now is the time to take a proactive approach to your health and wellness.

Premium Assessments of Key Indicators

Access top tests to establish your personal health "KPIs":

Contextual Data Collection & Learning

Collect data over 4 weeks; gain insight into your habits:

Receive educational content about Benchmark metrics to learn why you should work to improve them

Personalized Insights & 1:1 Results Review

Receive results with context, insights, and explanation:

Set your personal Benchmark now, then track your progress annually.

Introductory Price: $995 CAD (+HST)

☑️ HSA Approved in Canada

"This program gave me real data that I never considered part of the equation, and gave me knowledge that I would have never learned by myself!"

-- Benchmark Member, age 33

"I absolutely loved participating! Being able to go in depth and analyze to see if what I am doing is working was so motivating to keep going!"

-- Benchmark Member, age 46

How it Works

Gain Insight & Accountability in 4 Weeks

1) Join us for an Intake Call and book your Testing Session for 4 weeks later. 

We'll set you up with the at-home equipment you'll use.

2) Begin your at-home assessments: Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM), Fitness & Sleep Data, and Blood Pressure Measurement

Review Educational Content throughout the 4-week period.

3) Visit us during  drop-in hours for your Blood Test, or visit any local Lifelabs partner clinic.

4) Visit us in-person for your 2-hour Testing Session: VO2 Max, DEXA Scan, Grip Strength, Balance, and Vertical Jump, followed by your 1:1 Results Discussion. Receive a Benchmark Report within a few days.

Now is the time to begin optimizing your health.

“The data has provided me with the knowledge to make more informed life choices that will serve my body best….It has also shifted my perspective of investing in my body now to better serve me in the aging process.”

– Benchmark Member, age 39

“I'm excited to see where I am across all the Benchmark tests in the future - I almost can't wait! I'm looking forward to seeing an impact and very interested in doing all the tests again.”

– Benchmark Member, age 42

“Benchmark was an incredible experience! Although my diet is healthy, and I exercise regularly, I was uncertain on specifics. Benchmark provided a baseline, offering tailored suggestions for improvement. I've already made dietary changes, augmented my exercise regimen, and will meet with my primary care physician to consider medical adjustments. I look forward to doing Benchmark again to evaluate and track my progress moving forward.”

– Benchmark Member, age 77