About Us

Dr. Kaitlin Link, MD

Dr. Kaitlin Link is a Family & Emergency Medicine Physician and an Assistant Professor at University of Toronto. She earned her MD at McMaster University and completed her residency at University of Toronto. Kaitlin was a Division 1 Varsity Tennis player at Rutgers University, where she did her undergraduate studies. 

For 10 years, Kaitlin treated patients in the ER whose conditions often could have been prevented with earlier intervention. She grew tired of the system’s focus on reactive “sickcare,” rather than investing in high-leverage preventative and proactive care. She founded Benchmark Proactive Health in 2023, to equip people to take control of their health so they can feel their best – today, and in the decades to come. 

Nancy Van Brunt

Nancy Van Brunt is a tech executive in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Kaitlin’s friend since childhood. She has joined Kaitlin on her mission to help people proactively optimize their health. Nancy earned her MBA from UC Berkeley, and her BA from Dartmouth College, where she ran Division 1 Varsity Cross-Country & Track.

Nancy spent 10 years in tech, at eBay, PayPal, Upwork, Amazon, and educational technology startup Reforge. Prior to that, Nancy was a Consultant at Oliver Wyman, and a VP at Sesame Workshop. Nancy shares Kaitlin’s passion for continuous learning, commitment, and improvement. She’s excited to help Benchmark members manage their health as they would a business – with knowledge, strategic focus, and metrics.